Wholesale Market Nut Report - Columbia, SC
COLUMBIA Terminal Prices as of 14-MAR-2018                                     
Provided by:  Specialty Crops Market News                                      
              Federal - State Market News Service, USDA.                       
Phone:  (803) 737-4497     Fax:  (803) 737-9867                                

WEATHER AT 7 am Fair 34                                                        
YESTERDAY'S HIGH 57                                                            
Notice: Market tones omitted due to an absence of reporter on Tuesday, March
13, 2018 while the Columbia Terminal market remained open for business.                                                                                

---MIXED NUTS:    50 lb sacks Repacked Enroute 150.00                          
---PEANUTS:    50 lb sacks NM Valencia Raw 54.00-56.00 Repacked Enroute        
Virginia Raw jbo 50.00 25 lb sacks NC Virginia Roasted jbo 30.00 Roasted And   
Salted jbo 30.00 NM Valencia Raw 29.00-30.00 Roasted 27.00 Roasted And Salted  
27.00 sacks 20 2-lb mesh bags NM Valencia Raw 55.00-58.00                      
---PECANS: OFFERINGS VERY LIGHT.   50 lb sacks GA Improved Sumner exlge 170.00 
---WALNUTS:    50 lb sacks CA English Hartley jbo 140.00-150.00