Daily National Grain Market Summary
St. Joseph, MO     Tue, Mar 13, 2018     USDA-MO Dept of Ag Market News

Daily National Grain Market Summary

  Compared to yesterday, cash bids for corn and wheat were mixed, while sorghum
and soybeans were higher.  Corn stayed persistently close to its highest prices
in six months with ongoing support from Argentina's dry weather and USDA's
latest U.S. ending stocks estimate of 2.127 billion bushels.  In spite of
Brazil's big soybean crop, which is no secret, and the likelihood that U.S.
soybean plantings will total at least 90.0 million in 2018, the trends in May
soybeans and meal remain up for now, scarred by last week's bearish change in
momentum.  Even though drought remains a concern and the trends in May Chicago
and K.C. wheat are both still up, last week's lower prices brought a bearish
change in momentum that may serve as an early warning to noncommercials that
turned bullish.  Corn was from 2 cents lower to 1 cent higher.  Sorghum was 1
3/4 cents higher.  Soybeans were 5 3/4 cents to 9 3/4 cents higher.  Wheat was
from 4 cents lower to 1 cent higher.

                             DATE               CHANGE                 YEAR AGO
TRUCK BIDS:                  3/13/2018         3/12/2018              3/14/2017

   Kansas City (HRW ORD)     5.1025            DN 2.00                  3.9250
   Minneapolis               6.4050            UP 1.00                  5.4250
   Portland (SWW)            5.4000-5.6400     UNCH-DN 1.75          4.5050-4.6500
   St. Louis (SRW)           4.7600-4.9400     DN 4.00               4.1000-4.2500

Corn, US No 2 Yellow:
   Kansas City               3.7375            UP 1.00               3.3525-3.4000
   Minneapolis               n/a               No Comp               3.3525-3.4000
   So. Iowa                  3.5175-3.6375     DN 2.00-UP 1.00       3.4825-3.7200
   Omaha                     3.6400-3.6600     UP 1.00               3.1200-3.2500

Soybeans, US No 1 Yellow:
   Kansas City               10.0375-10.0875   UP 7.75               9.4425-9.4725
   Minneapolis               n/a               No Comp                  9.4325
   So. Iowa                  9.8275-9.8875     UP 7.75-UP 5.75       9.6425-9.7125
   Cent. Il Processor        10.1275-10.3075   UP 9.75-UP 7.75       9.7925-9.8925

   Kansas City Wheat  (May)  5.2025            DN 2.00                  4.4250
   Minneapolis Wheat  (May)  6.2450              UNCH                   5.3250
   Chicago Wheat      (May)  4.8650            DN 4.25                  4.3050
   Chicago Corn       (May)  3.9175            UP 1.00                  3.6225
   Chicago Soybeans   (May)  10.4875           UP 7.75                  9.9925

*EXPORT BIDS:  Barge bids out of the Port of New Orleans,
or Rail out of the North Texas Gulf. Bids Per bushel, except sorghum per cwt.

US 1 HRW Wheat Ord Protein
                             n/a               No Comp               4.0250-4.1350
US 2 Soft Red Winter Wheat
                             5.5150-5.5650     UP 5.75-DN 2.25       4.7650-4.7850
  Barge                      4.4575-4.5375     DN 4.00-UNCH          3.9925-4.0325
US 2 Sorghum
  Rail                       8.2450-8.5125     UP 1.75               6.7375-6.8250
  Barge                      n/a               No Comp                   n/a
US 2 Yellow Soybeans
  Barge                      10.8475-10.8875   UP 6.75-UP 7.75       10.2425-10.3125

Source: USDA-MO Dept of Ag Market News Service, St Joseph, MO
        Lindsay Brunet, Market Reporter 816-676-7000   StJoe.LGMN@ams.usda.gov
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